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GeoneveStudios is a studios group mainly focused on coding, we helped make games like The-|-Desert, The Elements, and The Web Games.

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Yes, its true we use to work with DashStudios, but now we work with MorseStudios. No, they didn't treat us bad but we just decided to make our own business.


We mostly do HTML5, CSS3, And JS. We won't use Python, Ruby, C# that much. We will use Morse Code alot though.

Text Appearances

Have you ever wondered about HTML5 text appearances? Well if you haven't I have. Here is an example:

Aliens are taking over the World!

If you've thought aliens are taking over the world. Then honestly there is something wrong with you your head. Aliens aren't taking over the world, and they never will.


Did you know making tables in HTML5 is as easy as making tables in Google Slides. Example:

Browser Programming Languages
Language Name Experience Needed Level
HTML5 None Effortless
CSS3 None Very Easy
JavaScript Some Medium/Hard
PHP Some Medium/Hard

Overflow Command In CSS3

In CSS3, there is something called overflow. With the overflow command, you can make div boxes be scrolled through, float to the right, left, and more. Example:

The text inside of the div box will be scrolled to in a matter of seconds to minutes, so don't worry about me I'll be fine.

Keyframes In CSS3

Did you know that in CSS3, you can just use keyframes. You don't have to use JavaScript or frameworks like jQuery, Vue, Angular, or React to make HTML5 objects do animations. Example:

Rainbow Text

Shadow Text Experience


Did you know that SVG's come from HTML5 in order to use an SVG you must type the tag SVG. Example:

Toggling Elements With JS

Toggling elements with JavaScript isn't that difficult. It's actually relatively easy. Example:

Click the button underneath me to change me.

PHP Variables

In PHP, to make a variable you must write this: $, and then you can write whatever you want then. Here's an example:

$num1 = 85;
echo $num1;

Python Def Command

In Python, there is something called def. And the def command allows you to create functions in Python; here's an example:

import os
import time
def title_screen():
print("Hello, World. This is my title_screen function")

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

JSON is just a package filer for JavaScript. Heres an example:

"name": "geo",
"file": ".js",
"file-extension": "none",
"dependencies": {


C++ Name Program

In C++, you can make any program you'd like; like I'll make a name program.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main(void)
std::string name;
std::string dob;
std::cout << "Enter Your Name Here: \n";
getline (std::cin, name);
std::cout << "Enter Your D.O.B Here: \n";
std::cin >> dob;
std::cout << "Hello, " << name;

CSS3 Blog

Today we've reached 200 lines in HTML5!!! And to celebrate I'll be doing a pure CSS project, right here, right now! Get ready... starts in.. 3... 2... 1... GO!


If you wanna to interact with the project just click the white box. [Not Available]

CSS3 Blog

What's that? You want another CSS3 blog.. Okay, well here's another CSS blog. This time I'll be making something different with CSS.

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CSS3 Button Program

This project will be a CSS3 pure decorated button. Here is my project.

CSS3 Select Menu

I'll be decorating a select menu from the HTML5 tag <select>.

CSS3/JS7 Rampage

This is a CSS3/JS7 rampage so get ready... 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!!


CSS3 Know Abouts

I know how to use CSS3 but I don't know every little detail, so here is CSS3 Know Abouts.

This is text within the div box.




CSS Column Project

This project will use columns, just there are no words to describe it.







CSS3 Div Img

Today in CSS3 I'm going to make fake img's.


Main File Cabinet

Welcome to the file cabinet corner, choose an file in the input zone to open.

Using Images

This is the geonevestudios logo:

JavaScript Chat Bot Project

Would you like to speak to JavaScript chat bots, well press one of the buttons underneath me to speak to one.

Idea Bot

Idea bot, is a robot programmed to coding idea's like this:

JavaScript Processer

This is a JavaScript Processer. But we're kinda running outta idea's here; JavaScript isn't our thing.

CSS Project Animation Page

Go to here. For the animation.

CSS3 Manual

Since I'm undesirably trash at CSS. Here are some animations.

Casual Text

SVG Symbol Project

Here's an SVG symbol:

Different Project Animaton Page

Click this link to go the the animation page.


The textarea below is what they call the CKEDITOR.